Hi, I am Roland!

I am a Psychologist, Artist and Spiritual Seeker.

My journey to Deep Healing has been a joyful one. And I am convinced that there is an inner adventure awaiting all of us.

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On Soul Science and how I came across it

I found my luck by accident.

Up to the age of 30, my life consisted purely of artistic work. I enjoyed my time as an actor, and a musician celebrated quite a few successes with my colleagues.

But one day something strange happened. After the premiere of a play in which I played the lead role, I collapsed.

My whole body was shaking, and I could no longer find a clear thought. That was surprising because I loved playing that role. In a way, it suited me perfectly.

I went on a long journey to find out what had happened that day. It was an adventurous journey that took me through modern psychology to ancient mysticism.

Today I know. That day a call from deep the inside had entered my consciousness. It was an appeal, an invitation to take care of the old wounds of my soul.

The Deep Healing Experience

I started my journey with traditional therapy and coaching programs. I found much of it interesting, but it did not satisfy my need for deep healing.

So my journey took me to India, where I met a doctor who worked with consciousness-expanding and regression techniques.

He enabled his clients to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it with his help. Those journeys back to the origin are often adventurous.

You can not only lead the client back to childhood but even further back into a happy life. What I experienced in these three sessions with him was absolutely amazing.

And not only that. Back home, the change was immediately noticeable. It became clear to me which new path to take in the future.

Precisely these people came into my life who were supposed to support me in my projects.

I began to study psychology, became a naturopath for psychotherapy, and opened a practice with my wife.

The uniqueness of Self Healing Soul

There was a lot that I could learn from the doctors and psychologists, such as working analytically and being a detective. However, one thing started to bother me. The view so widespread among medical professionals of:

I am the omniscient doctor, and you are the sick patient in need of help. This kind of thinking keeps the seeker in bondage and dependence.

However, experience shows: Due to his expanded field of consciousness, the client often knows better about the further course of action than the therapist.

SO WHO IS THE REAL THERAPIST? The logical answer: YOU ARE !!!

Our job as “therapists” is to accompany our clients on their healing path. The client himself knows best, whether it leads through an energetic work on the family field or a journey into a past life. So I stopped forcing my clients into “therapeutic corsets”.

Instead, my focus is on raising the level of awareness. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for more people than you think.

Since this type of work is entirely new to most of us, it may take a little practice at the beginning. The mind and body have to get used to it first but can surrender more and more to the process as it progresses.

SELF HEALING SOUL offers everyone the opportunity to try out this work.

Via the free soul journeys, it is possible for everyone to approach their topics and to gain important information and tips for their transformation.

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