Old Souls - How do you know you are an old soul? 4 questions that provide answers.

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Roland Schroll B.Sc

musician – stage actor – psychologist – regression therapist – meditation trainer

Does it tire and annoy you to be confronted with new challenges again and again in life?

Do you find the miseries in this world hard to bear, and you wonder what it is all good for?

Do you think people are predictable? Are you bored watching them making the same mistakes repeatedly?

You don’t feel like having a career with elbows or driving around a big fat car to impress.

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, then read this article:

Humankind’s history is more complex than we think.

Science currently assumes that our species originated around 400,000 years ago. Discoveries and findings on the African continent seem to prove that.

Since then, human beings have continuously developed into the kind of high-tech culture that we have today.

In contrast to this, Hinduism has a different view of things and a different calendar too.
The so-called Yugas are ages that stretch over several millions of years and mark the gradual decline of our human culture.

Accordingly, man would have already experienced his best days at the beginning of his career and is now heading towards Kali-Yuga – his decline.

Is there some truth behind this?

Monumental structures such as the pyramids or Machu Picchu in South America testify that there have already been highly developed cultures on our earth.

Many discoveries from that distant past give researchers great puzzles. So it is still unclear how the pyramids have been built and how the heavy stones were set up in Stonehenge?

All these open questions leave room for many fantastic theories and speculations.
One of the most fantastic theories about the origin and development of humankind we find in the books “Flower of Life – Volume 1 & 2” by Drunvaldo Melchizedek.

Both in Melchizedek’s and many other spiritual works, the reason for the creation of man is seen in the fact that he should develop spiritually from life to life to become a god-like being finally.

The principle of reincarnation, the wandering of our souls over many lifetimes, is omnipresent in most traditional scriptures.

So it’s no wonder that many of us how are familiar with this principle wonder:
What kind of roles have I played in my previous lives? Did I achieve something? Or is there still a lot to do?

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The soul´s childhood

The discovery that we can reconnect with the knowledge of the soul in a regression session makes it possible for us to find some answers to these questions.
We tend to find the following when working with clients:

Souls that are just beginning to incarnate are open to new experiences and new challenges. These souls are in a so-called “childhood-like”-stage.

They walk this planet with eyes open, eager to try out all the different kinds of possibilities that life seems to offer them.

Naturally, they struggle and fail occasionally. For future development, it will be vital whether those souls draw the right conclusions out of their experiences or not.

It is still essential for them to train their ego to the right degree (not too much and not too little).

This will help them cope with interpersonal relationships such as family and friendships and with material challenges such as getting food and money.

If we try to skip lessons during this “basic training” period, it will fall on our feet in the following incarnations.

We rarely encounter “childhood” souls in therapy, as they do not ask themselves major philosophical questions such as “where do I come from?” or “what is the reason for all of this here?” and suffer from the undetectability of an answer.

They also do not feel that they suffer from the same problem already for a very long time. Therefore young souls do not develop that kind of “hang-over”-feeling like old souls tend to do.

One might ask from where those beginner souls may come?
There are many answers to this question, and we can write another article about that.

Maybe just this much here: If you assume that even viruses, of which there are an infinite number in this world, have a soul, you get an idea of how big the pool is for replenishment in our world.

The puberty of the soul

At some point, when we decide (or it is decided) that we are ready for a more significant task, we are entrusted with an incarnation of greater responsibility.

We are born as healers who are responsible for the health of many people, as artists who have the task of inspiring people and teaching them to see things anew, or as guides and signposts.

That moment is a pretty tricky one for the development of the soul, as its words and deeds not only have effects for themselves but now also for others.

Often it is precisely in that phase in which karmic entanglements arise that shape our ongoing incarnations.

A judge who often judges well and correctly, but acts wrongly at a crucial moment, may shy away from making decisions for many further incarnations.

Or: A general gets into a terrible bloodlust during a battle and no longer distinguishes between soldiers, women, and children. He slaughters everything that comes in his way.

If the soul fails to reflect, the rush of blood or the fear of responsibility will never leave it altogether.

It will continually avoid responsibilities or, as an aggressive husband and father, will never develop a loving relationship with family members.

The story continues until the soul is ready to look in the mirror, admit its mistakes, and learn from them.

Usually, this process of “mirroring” between two lives happens when the soul prepares for a new incarnation.

However, an LBL session (life-between-life session) or reincarnation therapy can accelerate this mental maturation process.

The two examples of the judge and the warrior explain why many of us feel like old souls.

It is as if the soul exclaimed: “What? Another incarnation with a difficult wife? Another incarnation with a monotonous job? It’s like a curse!”

It cannot find a way out of the problem and feels worn out and exhausted when facing those tasks.

From the point of view of the more highly developed souls, however, that soul is only in its puberty. It has not yet understood how to use its most essential tools.

These tools are the mind, the ego, and the intellect. All together result in the consciousness which constantly strives for expansion.

The ultimate question of a pupating soul could be: “What is this all about? Who came up with this nonsense with people and the world? It doesn’t do any good!”

This conviction burns deeper and deeper into our minds until we almost despair of it.

At this stage, our karmic shackles are pulling and tugging at all our nooks and crannies, and we lack the courage and strength to continue working on change. We are in the middle of a “soul development burnout”.

That is why my teacher Hans TenDam uses to say: “Old souls are slow learners.”

They no longer want to be helped. They feel like having tried everything and therefore believe that they know a lot better than others.

They are quite right about that. Because of their acquired experience, they already know that this or that well-intentioned advice is useless.

However, that doesn’t make things easier for them. The developing soul now needs to find someone who already passed this stage and can offer some help for self-help. We need somebody who helps us develop the strength to overcome our weaknesses, who shows us our blind spots and how to transform those ourselves.

Precisely our darkest moments in life hold the potential for an all-encompassing transformation. They are given when it is time for us to take this great leap in consciousness.

Every crisis is an opportunity for transformation and should be perceived as such. “Ah,” you may say, “I already know!” Well, in that case, let’s get started 😉

If you need some inspirational stuff to read, check out “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch. It’s a classic example of how a pubescent soul finally can jump over his shadow and starts a new life.

Sounds nice, but how can I put things into practice? If you want to learn more about soul transformation, read my article “what is regression therapy.”

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The mastery of the soul

Yes, there are the souls that (almost) made it. They live among us, often without being noticed.

A soul that has achieved its mastery is released from almost all karmic bonds. Some may remain for keeping the soul attached to the body.

Master souls indulge in a state that we cannot describe in words.

However, this state is not visible from the outside, but it is deeply hidden in their hearts.
Ram Chandra from Shahjahanpur, a great yogi that lived in the 20th century, used to say that such conditions can be recognized “only by those who have eyes to see.”

Most of the time, master-souls are not aware of their high-standing condition themselves. They still consider themselves seekers, servants, or abhyasis (Sanskrit word meaning “practitioners”).

Now, how can we recognize such a Master-Soul?

When we come in contact with such a person, we experience profound peace and a new kind of balance within us.

We relax and feel comfortable being ourselves. This is because such personalities create a loving atmosphere of peace around them that others can feel.

If such is the case, stay for a while with that person. Start a chat. Find out what he or she is doing. New worlds may open for you.

Some claim that we can recognize the soul’s age through the eyes.
That may be correct; however, those highly developed souls usually shy and avoid direct eye contact.

Should you still be able to look into the eyes of such a person, you will find with astonishment that an almost infinite depth extends behind them. It is then like looking deep into the infinity of the universe.

Going into these things in more detail is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, those who want to learn more about the highest and oldest souls in our world may read the book “My Master” by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari.

In this book, Rajagopalachari describes how he found his master and what kind of (divine) qualities he could discover in him. The subtitle gives a hint on what he found: “The essence of pure love”.


Whoever wonders how old his soul is and how he can recognize other old souls is probably wandering for quite some time here on planet earth.

Young souls are still busy orienting themselves in this world so new to them, and old souls (so-called master souls), well, they no longer care about their soul age.

To believe that one is already an old soul and that one cannot learn anything new in this incarnation hinders one’s spiritual growth.

As long as we are here on earth, there will be tasks to fulfill, first for our development and later to help others develop.

The journey and the learning goes on and on regardless of how old and wise we may feel.


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